Frequently asked questions for Magic Theatre, Haunted House & Cartoon Maker Products
Magic Theatre and Haunted House XP Update
Magic Theatre and Haunted House can run on Windows ME/2000 and XP, Vista 32 and Win 7 32 with this downloadable update. To update do the following:
  • Make sure you have installed Magic Theatre or Haunted House from the CD-ROM.
  • Download the update by clicking below.  Make sure you remember where you saved it.
  • Run MTXPUpdate.exe or HHXPUpdate.exe and follow the instructions.  They will extract to the default location of your program and overwrite the old application.  If you have changed where you installed the programs you must extract into your custom locations.   

Download Magic Theatre Update (167 KB) >>

Download Haunted House Update (208 KB) >>


Can I view the movies with the original diskette version of Magic Theatre, or must I have the CD - ROM ?
YES. The Magic Theatre movies will work with the diskette version.

Can I print a picture with Magic Theatre?
No. Only Haunted House supports printing..


I can hear narration but no music; what can I do?
You must enable the Midi device on your computer. This is done through the Control Panel in Windows. From there, select the Midi Mapper icon and set Midi on by selecting a name with extension .FM or .GM.

My recordings are too soft; what can I do?
Through the Windows Control Panel find your Mixer and click it. There you can set all the relative sound levels. Recorded sound (wav), Playback wav, playback music (Midi ). After a few iterations you will be able to find the right levels for you.

The microphone I got with Magic Theatre does not fit my sound card. What can I do?
Remove the large adapter off the plug and you will find the correct one which fits all standard sound cards.


My computer supports thousands of colors in many resolutions. Can I use them?
The products are designed to work only in 256 colors and are optimal at 640 by 480 resolution. Higher resolutions work but will look more grainy and be slower.

Capturing a movie in standard formats so it can be viewed in places like YouTube

To save the movies in standard formats you will need to use a screen recording program while running them. Then you can save them in AVI or other formats for archiving.

Saving movies to a floppy disk

How do I save a movie on a floppy?
The following works for Haunted House and Cartoon Maker

Movies can be written to a floppy disk through MAGIC THEATRE HAUNTED HOUSE. To write a floppy, first choose your movie from the library and stop it. Then from Control, select Import/Export and then select Write Floppy. Select the letter that represents your floppy drive and click OK.

When reading a floppy that has a movie exported onto it, you will see the movies pictogram. To read it just select that pictogram. Note: If your movie requires more storage than one floppy, use a backup program to copy it. Back up the .mtm file and all other files with the movies name.

Importing images

How do I add images to the libraries in Haunted House?
The following works for Haunted House and Cartoon Makers.

Advanced users may wish to create images in other graphics programs and import them into MAGIC THEATRE HAUNTED HOUSE. To do this create a 256-color image and save it as a .bmp file. (For best results and if your graphics program allows it, you should create it in the Magic.pal or Magic.cpl palette provided). In MAGIC THEATRE HAUNTED HOUSE Control, Import/Export, click Import bitmap, browse and find your picture and click OK. Then browse and find the MAGIC THEATRE HAUNTED HOUSE directory you want to store it in, open it, and click OK.


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