Developed with researchers at Stanford University, teachers and children, Language Adventure has kids speaking a foreign language in minutes! Colorful graphics and a gripping story instantly capture kids' attention.
Kid's Language Learning Software

Watch in awe as your kids begin speaking a foreign language without even realizing it! With over 1000 interactive exercises for comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, and composition, Language Adventure provides a solid introduction to English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and Italian.

Don't wait! Children are born with the ability to acquire language without actually having to learn it, but this ability decreases with age. Language Adventure is aimed at kids aged 5 – 12, and is specially designed to take advantage of their linguistic sensitivity. Instead of having to learn grammar rules and vocabulary by rote, kids become engrossed in an animated story. In order to find out what happens next, they must narrate each scene and successfully complete tasks. With a focus on pronunciation and activities for comprehension, kids effortlessly acquire the sound patterns and grammar of a new language.

Language Adventure was especially designed to run on inexpensive or older computers so the minimum system requirement is:

CPU Pentium 90 MHz or higher
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista (32/64 bit) or Win7 (32/64 bit*)
16 MB RAM (32 recommended for Win98)
60 MB HD storage (per student)
16 bit sound card or better
Speakers or headphones

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