For those of you who find that the 50 animations in Magic Theatre Haunted House are simply not enough, here are some more - absolutely FREE!

Click on the image to download the animation of your choice and then extract it into your Instinct/haunted/animate Directory

Please note these animations only work with Magic Theatre Haunted House

Frog to Tadpole

Frog dreams of better days as a tadpole

A fat fly

A cherubic fruitfly, why not?

Banana Slug

Banana slug, pudgy and sensitive

Garlic breathing dragon - hot!


A menacing mollusk with a winning snarl


A beautiful dancer who turns into leaves

Spell caster

A spell caster - useful in emergencies

Una the alien

Una, a cute alien renowned for her big feet

French Jig

French man who dances a jig.

Well, he tries to anyway.


A knight in shining armour-handy in the kitchen


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