Teacher Edition Software

The Teacher Edition is a software program that runs in conjunction with the Language Adventure CD-ROM. It teaches English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish and also gives you the following capabilities:

The ability to review all student exercises and assign a grade (1-4) to them which automatically appears on the students' lesson map. 

The ability to record oral feedback for any exercise so that students can incorporate your hints and improve their pronunciation when redoing the exercises.

The ability to generate and print reports that document the students' learning time, average and actual grades, average and actual recording attempts, and overall progress.

Administration software allowing the registration of teachers and the assigning of passwords. 

The ability to remotely grade and tutor students in a networked environment. The ability to teach all six languages to an unlimited number of students.

Language Adventure Teacher Edition 1.2 (932K) and install it on each computer running Language Adventure. Download >> 

Teacher Materials
Right click on download to save .pdf files on your computer.  Then print as needed.

A comprehensive manual detailing every aspect of the Teacher Edition including translations, lesson plans and classroom set-up tips. 5.5 MEGS. Download >>

The Language Adventure Activity Book. The book comprises of a coloring book, comic book and certificate of achievement for those who have completed the program  5.2 MEGS. Download >>

The board for the Language Adventure game based on Language Adventure 1 that consolidate learning and are a lot of fun! 5.6 MEGS.  The board should be printed 44" X 8.5". Download >>

The game pieces for the game. 4.7 MEGS. Download >>

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