Haunted House

Make your own spooky flicks with Haunted House, an animated movie making program for 6 year olds and up.

50 delightfully witty and charmingly irreverent animations from Klasky-Csupo - famous for their work in the Rugrats, Simpsons and Duckman cartoons series - make this program perfect for kids with a taste for the spooky! With original music, sound effects and hundreds of stunning graphics, the possibilities for thrilling animated art is limitless.

As opposed to selling software to a privileged few, Instinct has taken a different approach by giving Haunted House to many. A small contribution towards bridging the digital divide. This is made possible by people like you who visit our sponsor ads. Thank you.

Download Haunted House (52.6 MB) for FREE! >>

" Click and drag" movie-making is easy to use and gives instant results.
Automatic synchronization with recorded speech and music allows you to make slick productions simply.
Import your own graphics and incorporate them into your productions.
Beginner and expert levels satisfy a wide range of ages.
Print a snapshot of your movie or a whole book of your story.
Over twenty “movie starters” stimulate the imagination and invite creative endings.
Broadcast in places like YouTube using a free screen recorder

Educational Benefits:
Develops verbal communication skills.
Builds critical thinking and planning.
Stimulates imagination and storytelling.
Enhances artistic skills
Scares your sibling!

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 3.1/ 95 / 98 / ME /2000 /XP /Vista 32*/Win7 32*.
Best In 640 x 480 or 800 X 600 resolution.
Speakers or head phones

Download Haunted House (52.6 MB) for FREE! Click here>>

Download additional animations fo Haunted house Click here >>

Download Haunted House Update so the CD ROM can run on Windows: ME/2000/XP/Vista 32*/Win7 32* Click here>>

*Haunted House does not run on 64 bit versions of Windows.

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